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Assurance & Advisory Services

Fincrony is very well placed in today’s business world as a supplier of Financial Advisory Services. With fast changing economy, every business enterprise requires trusted advisors to help the top line maintain the business advantage. Our experts work in consultation with clients and help them meet their business objectives. We work for all type of industry verticals and understand business expectations and identify major risks and opportunities above and beyond traditional financial Accounting and reporting model. We work in different areas like management audit, risk management, financial reporting and other business strategies needed to offer stable business and meet stakeholder expectations.

What do we offer?

The service comprises two separate but related subjects and offerings


For all decision makers, it is important to have access to on-time and reliable and well analyzed information. The awareness of business risks needs in every business is extremely important. It needs to be managed efficiently and with plans drawn up to handle that on an on-going basis based on best strategies. Much of it depends on checks and balances, controls and complete assurance that you comply with all legal and business formalities and legalities. Fincrony can give you the assurance that is demanded by changing business environments, stakeholders, customers and investors.


We can help you design your business plans, projections, strategies to improve the bottom line. Our solutions aim at providing the right mix to improve your system, plans to meet your targets, strategies to anticipate and resolve issues. We have experts to follow and understand your business and suggest professional advises in line with your business needs.

Benefits of Assurance and Advisory Services

Our goal is to position our Assurance and Advisory Services as the leader on business risk management. The specialized services will consider all countless and valuable risk frameworks and processes which exist domestically and internationally and Fincrony will recommend guidelines that can be used to evaluate overall growth, manage risk & performance. We will develop guidance for assurance that evaluates an organization’s overall risks, challenges and bottlenecks and advice for proper resolution within our well-defined framework.

Key offerings in our Assurance and Advisory Services are -

  • Management Audit
  • Internal Control Review
  • Stock & Fixed Asset Audit
  • Financial due diligence
  • Insurance Advisory
  • Special Assignments