Corporate Services


With change in corporate practices, companies are looking at ways to achieve efficiency and productivity at all levels. These changes have improved the bottom lines and have helped the top line to believe in “Less Risk, More Reward” philosophy.

Fincrony’s Corporate Services are designed to deliver empowerment to the top level management of all business enterprise. Our services offer multiple options with detailed cost-benefit analysis to help top-tier managers to pick the best solution to help their companies grow.

For all high-performing companies it is very important to make business process improvement a core competency. Fincrony’s specialized services can help you identify and share a common characteristic: find a clever ways to effectively improve the process of process improvement. We can help you in implementing business process competency centers or business process centers of excellence (CoE).

Your center of excellence will work towards providing progressive ideas and visibility about the benefits process improvements and further help you to implement in areas that might be resistant to change.

We understand your business goals and have devised our services to help you create the business advantage.

Some beneficial business points are –

  • Lower cost due to economies of scale
  • Process driven by Service Level Agreements
  • Standardization of Processes in accordance to global best practices
  • Use of common technology platform and process automations
  • People with the skill and mindset to optimize the business process
  • Operating units free to focus on core-business area and external customers – Supported by Efficient outsourced support
  • Corporate focus full-time on strategy
  • Rely on Support Services on business process support, statutory compliance, controls, and information management
  • Improved MIS and Decision Support
  • Scalability – This business model is highly scalable within a short timeframe and with relatively low incremental costs.